Diana Gallo Piano Studio

Diana Gallo

Professional Piano Instructor

Diana Gallo, an accomplished professional pianist and long time resident of Valencia, California, has been teaching piano instruction for seventeen years. Through acquiring a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano from Loyola Marymount University and a Master of Music Degree in Piano Pedagogy from Cal Sate University, Northridge, her expertise is in the art of teaching piano. She has studied under the tutelage of Cesare Pascarella, Tessie Chua Ciaco, Howard Richman, Barbara Wilkinson, Bogidar Avramov, and Dr. Jeanine Jacobson. In the past, she has taught group piano, and keyboard classes, and private piano lessons, which included being a Piano for Youth staff teacher at Cal State University, Northridge, teaching at the Cristina Marcu Piano Studio in La Canada, teaching the Junior Music Academy, and teaching at Vibe Performing Arts Studios, here in Santa Clarita. Currently, Diana still teaches two days a week at Vibe, and the rest of her time is spent focusing on teaching private piano lessons at her home studio. Instructing all ages and levels; Diana incorporates rhythm, composition, and the basic fundamentals of music, notes, ear training, and reading music. Diana's students play in recitals at least twice a year and many are entered in state piano competitions.

Currently a member of the Music Teachers' Association of California since 1997, Diana has been a past president and membership secretary of the local branch in Santa Clarita. Each year, her continuing education is attained and kept current by attending the California Music Teachers' Conventions held at various locations in Northern and Southern California. There she attends a series of teacher training workshops, and musical showcases that contributes to the teaching methods she incorporates in her lessons. Diana has also been a past member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers. Through her membership, her students have more opportunities to perform and participate in various national competitions.

"My love of music prompted me to focus on teaching. Witnessing a student's excitement when they learn something new or complete a piece of music, renews my love of teaching at every lesson. By participating in recitals, the student learns discipline by working toward a goal, and can feel a great sense of accomplishment!"

Diana truly enjoys bringing music into the lives of her students.

Achievements & More
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano
    Loyola Marymount University ​1995
  • Master of Music Degree in Piano Pedagogy
    California State University, Northirdge 2001
  • Music Teachers' Association of California Active MTAC member since 1997